Natural Haired Babies Wanted

by Deanna Denham-Hughes in , ,


I didn't know how to braid hair.

My sweet darling was born with a full head of hair. Bone straight, black hair. And every time we washed it, it would get a little bit longer and a little bit curlier. And thicker. 
But I figured, she's a baby. All I have to do is stick a hat or a bow or a headband on her head and await all the, "Awww... she's adorable!" "Awww... she's soooo cute!" "OMG how precious!!"
Done. Easy. 
Have you seen these babies on instagram? They wear turbans and wraps and ears and they are just making us look so bad as a mommy/baby unit. So I realized that I had to up my baby style game. 

So I started with unique headbands, like these ears from Gap.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.35.59 PM.png

 (Full transparency: I saw @littlelunaslooks wear them on instagram and I totally jacked the style) 
Was that good enough for you, Aria? No?
The problem I was having was that Aria's hair was different from all the pretty blond haired bundles of joy I was coming across. There was a lot more that I could do with it, if I knew how. Or if I just had a baby to reference! And it's not that I haven't seen an infant with lots of hair at this age. But for some reason unbeknownst to me, mommies aren't doing much to the growing locks. 
I have heard that you should do anything to a baby's hair that would pull it too tight. (Clips, rubber bands, etc.) 
But I figured twists couldn't hurt. Or loose braids. Too bad I don't know how to do either. 

Side issue: I don't really know what to do with my own hair, either. I've been relaxing it since I was little, but it is so thick that I can't wash it on my own. Either I leave don't get it clean enough, or I leave conditioner it in. So, I mainly go to the salon to get it washed and styled. 
My hair was dry and breaking off. It would go through phases of healthy and horrendous. Over the summer, I decided to try to go natural. No more heat, no more straightening. Back to my original issue, I don't know how to braid. 
Just as my mom learned how to braid on my hair, I decided to learn on Aria's. Let this be a testament to how thick Aria's hair is, it can hold a braid. I won't subject you to early photos of my braiding attempts, but the image to the left shows of my success on her tiny head! I moisturize her hair with a little olive oil and she let's me comb it out. 
Working on Aria's hair made it easier to work on my own. I can now French braid, two-strand, and flat twist! I think it even made my own hair happy. I've been washing it myself and it doesn't take me all day. 

This mommy/baby unit is coming into our own style, one lock at a time.