Braiding Aria's Hair

by Deanna Denham-Hughes in , , ,

I'm still VERY new to this whole braiding thing, but I managed two French braids down Aria's head this morning!

Well. Sort of. 

I sat her down in front of me, moisturized with her curls with some olive oil, and detangled it with a small baby comb. (Let me just say, there was sooooo much lint and knots in her hair!)  So, Aria's eating her hippo and, as an added distraction bonus, I turned on Mickey Mouse Club House. As you know, Aria has a very special relationship with Mickey. And she was good for an entire episode.

But I'm guessing she was not impressed by the monkey in the following episode because she refused to keep still. My wrists wouldn't bend in the directions Aria was twisting her head! Hippo was getting no love. Then she wanted the remote (probably to turn off Mickey's monkey) and my cell phone (to call her Nani and tell her about the awful monkey). 

I ended up rewinding the intro to Mickey House Club House 17 times just so I could finish two–well I guess you could call them– braids. 

The result? You be the judge.