No, thank you, Mommy.

by Deanna Denham-Hughes in , ,

Aria appears to have no interest in baby food anymore. We started her on homemade baby food (cereal, mashed sweet potatoes, and bananas) when she was 4 months old and she took to it pretty well. Well, "pretty well" is relative. She hated the cereal at first. I had to alternate between nursing her and sticking a spoonful of mush in her mouth. After the second or third time, she ate without having to nurse. 

Full transparency: We slacked off a bit with making baby food. After a couple of months, we made sweet potatoes again and sent it with her to daycare. We were having trouble finding time after work to feed her.

My mom tells me that she can't get Aria to eat the sweet potatoes. Full transparency: I was happy to hear that because I was thinking, "Psssh, me and David can." 

So we started trying at home, and sure enough, she was not having it! Any of it! This seven month old wanted to play with the spoon. She wanted to be picked up. She spit out anything that even came close to her mouth. The only time we were successful was when my husband sang and danced to distract her. I'd post the video but I don't want to end my marriage. 

Fast forward this morning, Aria is in a great mood. I figure, "Let's eat some breakfast!" So I warm up some baby food, grab a few crackers and put her in the high chair. So far, so good. I start with the cracker, which she loooooooves (not as much as Mickey, just above Elmo.) Then I try a spoonful of baby food....

NOPE. Not having it. 

So I give her another cracker. 

"Yay, Mommy! You're the best mommy in the whole wide world!"

Tried the baby food.



"Oh Mommy, how I love you so!!"


Fine. You win this round Aria. But as soon as I buy some more bananas, we will return to this battle. You can count on that.